5 Tips To Avoid Overspending on Boxing Day 2019

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Boxing Day 2019 is almost here which means “a time to shop”. Even nearly 80% of people may have already prepared their wallet for making the most of this biggest December Sale.

No doubt, such winter deals are a great way to save on gifts for all of your loved ones but the problem is sometimes it leads to a lot of overspending. The shopping deals are overwhelming but chances are the item you borrow doesn’t offer any benefits to your life.

Before Boxing Day sale triggers your shopping madness, here are five tips that will help you create a budget to this winter deal and feel good about your spending.

1. Buy what you really need

People overbuy for a number of reasons and one major reason is that they get tempted by all those discounts. When you see “buy more, save more”, “$10 off on $50” or “$20 off on $50” types of deals, you think you are getting a better value but actually it is some percent discount that would make you spend more money.

So, no matter a sale is on or off, buy the essential stuff that is of your use. If you can’t resist a sale, make a purchase list, prioritize it and map out a plan for shopping. It will be helpful in saving your time and money.

2. Put yourself on a cash diet.

Once you have created your shopping list of the items that you really want, calculate the total expense. Make a quick price check online of the items or just estimate the cost yourself.

Now figure out how much money you can afford to spend and delete the items that are not absolutely necessary. Let’s say your cash allowance this month is £100, withdraw that cash from the ATM and go shopping with cash in hand.

This way you can only buy those things which you are budgeted for and will come back home once cash runs out.

3. Start Checking prices Earlier.

Just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean going to be the best deal. Keep checking the prices of the items all over the year. There are sales that happen throughout 12 months in London which features heavy discounts on a large array of products.

If you really want to save your hard-earned money this sale season, a comparison is the only way to assure that you’ll get the best available prices.

4. Use the Right Card

In addition to the savings that you can make on this special boxing day sale, give yourself an extra lead by choosing a credit card that can save you a few extra bucks. Just look after a card deal offering sky-high interest to the cardholders with little savings.

You must opt for a card after comparing it with the different cards offered in the market otherwise you might end up losing a lot of benefits.

Purchases paid with these cards might earn rewards points or give you access to rewards, discounts or other exclusive offers but think twice before you register yourself for such cards.

5. Remember The Consequence

However, despite making all efforts, if you still find it extremely challenging to avoid overspending, then it’s important to understand the consequences.

High spending habits during these Boxing day 2019 sales in UK may cause a financial strain that could not be avoided. Also, it becomes difficult for you to get back on your financial track.

Lending money from friends or using credit cards (having high interest rates) in such a situation is not feasible enough. You can look for Personal Loans from lenders associated with London Loan Company. We give an instant decision and charge a very minimal upfront fee. We do not ask you to present a guarantor and transfer the funds to your bank account when your loan application is approved. You can use the money in the ongoing Boxing day sales in Uk and repay it in fixed monthly installments.

For wonderful shopping during the next Boxing Day 2019 sales, apply for Personal Loan with us in advance!

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